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"Free Author Sites" is the latest promo for We will load all sites here once we complete them.  Get your site added to this chain Today!  Signup here. We are only giving away 200 so hurry!
Griot Publishing
The Write Cipher's Free domain name and Splashpage are exclusively for writers, authors, bloggers etc. We are giving away 200 of these webpages along with a subdomain (you choose the sub-" and 1 email address. This is a gift from us to you, the WRITER.

This is how you obtain your free page/domain.
1. Sign up to apply for your free site.  If you need direction on how to sign up, visit our instructions page.
2. Once you sign up, you will receive an email welcoming you to "GriotSites.Com".  In this email, you will be given information to your dashboard. This dashboard is where you can do several things such as manage your contact info, order any upgrades that you are interested in, contact us for technical support, etc. 
3. You will also receive an email within 24 hours with a link to a survey for you to fill out. In this survey, you will provide information to us such as "the preferred color of your site (see samples below), the name of your site, your bio, etc.".  Check out this page to see exactly what we will be requesting from you in order to complete your free site.
4. Once you send in your information, your site will be up within 72 hours.  This time is NOT guaranteed. We will work very hard to honor the 72 hour window.
5. Your free site will be active for 12 months from the date you go live. You have the option to upgrade and/or take advantage of our other products. You can obtain your own personal domain name by visiting for all upgradeable products.
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