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This is a quick list of what you will be asked to send in once you receive your survey for your free Splashpage Site.  Please be prepared to submit all that is on this list. You have 7 days to send in all of your information to us, and if the deadline is not met, you will forfeit your free site and domain and will NOT be able to apply for it again. We want to be fair to all who need to take advantage of this free offer, and for that reason, we are showing you this checklist BEFORE you send in your form for consideration. View our policy on making corrections on a published site.

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2.Provide us your email address, facebook page link, twitter page  & instagrame link if you have them.
3.Choose your page color: Grey, Red, Purple, or Blue.
4.Provide us an image of your book cover or any image that represents your writings.
5.Provide us with a simple bio about yourself no more than 200 words.
6.Provide us with your link to your paypal account. This would be your email link that is located where you create a payment button.
1.Provide us with the name of your site. This will also be the name of your subdomain and email address:  ""
2.Provide us with a photo of yourself. Image must be in either a jpeg, png, bmp, gif. Make sure this is the photo you want to be posted.  Here is our policy on making corrections.